Zundert Trappist

Brewed in Trappist Brewery De Kievit in Maria Toevlucht Abbey

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Zundert 8 Tripel and Zundert 10 Quadrupel are authentic trappist beers. For use in the abbey we also brew a table beer: Zundert 4 Refterbier. A beer may only be called a trappiest beer when it is brewed within the confines of a trappist abbey, under the supervision of the monks. We brew beer to pay for our subsistence and for the maintenance of our abbey and domain.


Our abbey has installed a modern brewery where two monks, assisted by a brew master, brew Zundert Trappist. The brewery has a traditional set-up with mash tun, lauter tank and boiling kettle. Fermentation and maturation of our beer takes place in six cylinder conical tanks.


A beer can only be called a trappist beer when it is brewed within (or near) the walls of a trappist monastery, by or under the responsibility of the monks. There are only a few trappist breweries in the world, two of which are located in the Netherlands.



Because God can be found in work as well

- Benedict’s Rule


Rucphenseweg 38
4882 KC   Klein Zundert


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