Trappist brewery De Kievit presents two beers: Zundert 8 Tripel Trappist and Zundert 10 Quadrupel Trappist. Both are top fermented ales, refermented in the bottle. For use in the abbey we also brew a table beer: Zundert 4 Refterbier. We make use of special herbs in all our beers. These herbs originally grew and blossomed in the surrounding lands. They lend our beers a their own specific character. Every Zundert Trappist is a beer for which we recommend you allow yourself some time to fully appreciate it.

Zundert 8 Tripel Trappist

Zundert 8 Tripel Trappist is a special beer. As monks, we have chosen for a beer that we would characterize as slightly against the grain. It is not your everyday tripel. Every Zundert Trappist is a beer for which we recommend you allow yourself some time to fully appreciate it.

Zundert 8 Tripel Trappist has a very promising aroma with a hint of herbs and spices. In these herbs, you can literally taste the surroundings that we call home. The herbs traditionally grow in the vicinity of the abbey. The beer starts floral and slightly sweet. If you allow the beer some time, its character will evolve to a light caramel with a beautiful dry finish. In the aftertaste the bitters from the hops will combine with a pleasant spiciness in the background. Zundert 8 Tripel Trappist is chestnut in colour and contains 8% alcohol by volume.

Zundert 10 Quadrupel Trappist

Zundert 10 Quadrupel Trappist is a quadrupel with a slightly herbal touch, that is the hallmark of all our beers. This trappist ale is deep ruby brown in colour, with a beautiful, creamy head. The nose gives hints of dried fruits like plums and figs, almost silky spices, licorice, and a bit of chocolate. The taste is well rounded and full bodied, balanced by a nice hoppy bitter. In the aftertaste typical Zundert herbal notes will subtly return. During the 2019 Dutch Beer Challenge, Zundert 10 Quadrupel Trappist was awarded the gold medal for the best quadrupel of the Netherlands.

Trappist ales

Zundert 8 Tripel Trappist and Zundert 10 Quadrupel Trappist are authentic trappist beers. A beer can only be an trappist beer when it is brewed within the walls of a trappist monastery, under responsibility of the monks. We brew beer for our subsistence and the maintainance of our domain. Like most trappist breweries, we do not strive to continually increase our production. Enough is enough after all.


Authentic trappist beers are easily recognizable by the six-sided logo “Authentic Trappist Product” which is granted by the International Trappist Association. The beer has to meet very high quality requirements. Only a few breweries worldwide are allowed to carry this logo, two of which are based in the Netherlands.

Serving Zundert Trappist

Our beers referment in the bottle. Therefore, it is best to store the bottles upright. This way, yeast will settle on the bottom. Carefully open the bottle while taking care not to disturb the sediment. Pour Zundert Trappist in its own especially designed conical chalice. This glass allows the aromas of each Zundert Trappist ale to fully be appreciated.


Zundert Trappist is best enjoyed at a temperature of 10 – 14 ºC (50 – 57 ºF). This is called ‘cellar’ temperature and is higher than we are used to for drinking beer. Served at cellar temperature, you will be able to fully appreciate the passion with which we have crafted our ales. This doesn’t mean that our ales would taste unpleasant right out of the fridge. Quite the contrary. At 5 – 7 ºC (41 – 44 ºF) Zundert 8 becomes an easy drinking beer, precisely because the sweet start and slightly bitter finish.

The beauty of Zundert ales is that you can organize a tasting with just one beer! Serve one glass at fridge temperature and one at cellar temperature and be amazed about the differences. You can decide for yourself which temperature you like best.



Beer brewed carefully, is to be consumed with care

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